Will I own the property out right? 
Yes you will own the property entirely with no charges against the property.

Do you take any money upfront? 
We take NO money upfront. You don’t lose any money and have full peace of mind, if the sale doesn’t complete, you don’t pay a thing.

What Fees are involved? 
There are a few fees involved to complete your sale, these are all paid to the solicitor upon completion of the property:

  • Apportionment of any ground rent & service charges;
  • Legal disbursements;
  • Legal Fees

Where should I buy property?
There isn’t a ‘best’ area to buy property. Every area has its strong and weak points. To determine whether or not you should purchase a property you need to look at several aspects. The yield, capital growth, cash flow and discount are all key things to look for along with what the area has to offer: Transport, education, distance to town centres, shopping centres and any modernising that is going on within the area are key to investing in the correct location.

I am concerned about managing a property when it is so far away! 
This is a concern for most investors, every location has pro’s and con’s, some areas will offer lower yields but greater capital growth, others will offer higher yields, but lower capital growth. It is down to what the investor is looking for. We offer a fantastic aftercare and management service through our letting company 'The Lettings Room', which gives you fantastic peace of mind taking any worries away. We have some clients who are that confident with our services that they haven’t been to visit a property for over 3 years!

What is Yield? 
Yield is a term that defines a return on a capital investment of various forms. Typically, yield is expressed as a percentage and is used as an annual figure.

What is Capital Growth? 
Capital growth is the potential growth of a property over a period of time, Investors typically would like to see what growth they are going to make over a long term period.

What is Cash flow?
Cash flow is the money that you are left with on a monthly basis after deducting all the outgoings (mortgage payments, management charges). Cash flow in a sense is looked at as your ‘net profit’.

What is Equity? 
The equity is the difference between the value of the property and the purchase price.

What should I look for when purchasing a property?
As discussed above the equity, capital growth, cash flow and yield are the most important things. For short term investments you should be looking for yield, and for a long term investment then capital growth .

Do I rent furnished or unfurnished?
The majority of properties that are let are furnished. We provide this service to make your purchase hassle free. The price for a one bedroom furniture pack is £1,500 +VAT and for a two bedroom furniture pack the price is £2,000 +VAT.

Apartment Furniture Packs

One Bedroom

2 seater sofa, 1 armchair, 1 coffee table, 1 dining table and 2 chairs, 1 double bed & matteress, 1 wardrobe and 2 bedside tables.

Two Bedroom

2 seater sofa, 1 arm chair, 1 coffee table, 1 dining table and 4 chairs, 2 double beds and matteresses, 2 wardrobes and 4 bedside tables.

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